Athletes In Action
Rebrand of an international organization.
Price Drop
UX/UI and brand development for a conceptual "best price" app.
Org Wars
Marketing and branding work for a major event at Cedarville University.
No Silence Media
Re-branding of a media production studio.
Craft Coffee
Select your preferred subscription coffee with this site built using javascript.
Storytelling Website
Mini-site designed and built to tell the story of a nonprofit's new campaign and urge viewers to sign-up.
Battle of the Interns
Brand developed for a multi-company intern competition in Boston.
Reese's Concept Product
Concept product, packaging design, and advertising campaign for Reese's.
Google: Alert - Symbol Development
Symbol for a hypothetical product called Google: Alert.
Junior Senior Banquet
Branding and Marketing work for Cedarville University's annual Junior Senior Banquet.
University Acceptance Packet
A custom mailer designed to notify students of acceptance into Cedarville University.
Graphic Design Recruitment
A self-mailer to promote the Graphic Design program at Cedarville University.
The Neighbors Project
A design research project with the goal of fostering neighborly relationships.
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