Some unethical life hacks

  • Go to Walmart. Find something you like. Say the item is $40, go to the busiest lane and when it’s rung up, make a puzzled face, say how much was that again (while looking confused), they’ll say $40 and you’ll give them some price like $30. Sometimes they go ahead and just change the price for you because they’re lazy. Sometimes they’ll call and manager and they’ll be lazy and change the price for you. Some will actually stop the line and figure it out. I’d say 8/10, I beat Walmart.
  • Pizza, I didn’t pay for pizza until my early twenties. You call up pizza hut or wherever. You make your order and when they ask how you’ll pay, and you say you want to use your credit. They’ll ask what credit and you explain how the last time you ordered they didn’t deliver it for almost an hour and a half so you cancelled your order and the person/manager said that next time you call, they’ll credit your order for the inconvenience. There’s two ways this plays out, they’ll ask you questions about the person who told you about the credit and you can answer with generic questions, or you can say your SO, Mom, whatever made the order that never showed. If this didn’t work, I’d try another major pizza chain. I’d end up with free pizza (tip though) say 8/10 times.
  • Cell phone upgrades or to get your bill lowered. Call up say Verizon. Tell them you want to be connected with the department to cancel your service (they’ll transfer you to the dept. that’s paid to kiss your ass and change your mind). You ask them what the early termination fee is so you can pay it. They’ll ask why and you tell them you can switch carriers and was offered a made up deal. They’ll make the first offer, a credit maybe, or offer you some free phone early but we don’t want that shit. Say no thanks I’ll pay the fee if that’s all I can get. There’s no reason to stay if the company I’ve been loyal to won’t give me more than some random company. By then they’ll give you a manager and they’ll do it. This works for me 7/10 times.
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